10 Steps to Fight Obesity

There are many healthy and easy steps that can be taken to prevent obesity. Here are 10 easy steps to avoid obesity 

10 Steps to Fight Obesity

Consult a Physician :

Nutrients will help your doctor to find out if you are suffering from obesity or not. Start by doing regular inspections for health control and to determine the risk of any disease that can attack you. If you suffer from obesity, your doctor will help you determine the proper nutrition for your weight loss program.

Calculating BMI or Body Mass Index :

BMI or Body Mass Index is a way to check if you are overweight or how much weight you have to be lowered. According to experts, if you have a BMI of 40 or more, you are overweight about 50 pounds for men and 40 pounds for women.

Looking Back at Your Activities :

Activities you do every day are very influential in burning calories in your body. Therefore you shall see again whether your activity is enough to make you sweat or not. Walk at least 10 minutes a day will play a significant role in improving your fitness.

Make Your Food Diary : 

The food diary will help you to stay on the right track while eating. try to fill the record with the nutrients that your body really needs. Enlist the help of your doctor to make nutrition a food diary.

Take Care of Your Emotional Stability :

Unstable emotions will make you be eating impulsive where you will tend to eat all the food you see in front of your eyes without thinking first if you need food or not.

Look at Your Social Environment :

If your environment is influenced by people who have excess weight, then your brain is hard-wired directly that fat is something reasonable. Not intend to suggest you to replace the social environment, but be a pioneer who sparked a healthy life in your neighborhood.

Adequate Rest :

Rest well enough to bring many benefits for the body. In addition to the body’s metabolism to run well, enough to avoid a break from always feeling hungry so you need a high calorie foods for your filling.

Sport :

Sports like weightlifting and cardio will have a big impact in burning fat deposits in the body. You also can avoid obesity.

Reduce the Intake of Salt in the Body :

Salt is one of the substances that are difficult to digest. Besides excessive intake of salt in the body can increase water retention in the blood that can increase blood pressure (hypertension). It can be harmful for the body as well when combined with obesity.

Remember that most of the chronic diseases are caused by obesity :

Chronic diseases will surely lurking obesity such as osteoarthritis, gallstones, heart attack, and diabetes. Therefore always keep in mind the chronic diseases so that you can avoid obesity.

Obesity can be combated with a healthy lifestyle and balanced. Live the healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise so that you not only avoid obesity, but also of other chronic diseases.

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