4 Ways to Recognize Diet Pitfalls

 Do not be surprised if the U.S. becomes a potential market for a wide range of diets like the Atkins diet that makes us consume high amounts of fat, the Zone diet increases intake of protein and limiting carbohydrates, or the blood type diet, cabbage soup diet, warrior diet, and many other fad diets, which were less effective.

4 Ways to Recognize Diet Pitfalls

Well, so you do not waste time and cost for a diet that results will not last long, and even this may be detrimental to your health, watch out 4 the following.

1. Prompts Misleading Diet :

Beware of a “diet experts” who claim to understand the science of nutrition but have a view about weight loss the wrong way so that you become one-way. Many who claim to be a dietitian, but only a commercial purpose and what they suggest does not have a sound scientific basis. Yet to determine the diet of the methods were effective, accurate results are needed.

2. No Need to Count Calories :

Beware of any diet method that claims that the key to weight loss lies in control rather than calorie intake but rather the regulation of hormones or body chemicals, such as insulin or eicosanoid. Although a variety of hormones and chemicals in the body is taking part in the regulation of body weight, but the point is that weight gain occurs when more calories are consumed than used.

If someone managed to lose weight because of applying the above diets, it’s because the dieters reduce calorie intake. For example, when applying the Zone diet, which leads to weight loss is not due to a combination of protein and carbohydrate diet, but because it makes the culprit stroke only 1100 calories per day, which can cause weight loss of about ½ – 1 kg a week. However, weight loss is mostly due to lack of water in the body is actually harmful to the body.

3. Do not Influenced by Ads :

Ads for diet generally offer attractive prices with all the promises to convince and attract potential customers. The ads are giving testimonials from people who have managed to lose weight, without mentioning that the results were only temporary.

4. Snow Guarantee with Quick Weight Loss :

There are many diet ads are guaranteed to lose weight quickly. The body’s tendency to gain weight will not go away after several weeks of eating only fruit or meat course. Such a diet is not balanced and it can harm your health. High-protein diet plus extreme carbohydrate restriction can lead to massive vitamin deficiency, decreased bone density, and other health problems.

So, what should you do now? Learn the correct and healthy method to lose weight. Know how to manage your diet well, despite the challenges that you encounter every day is not something easy, such as appetite control, balance between food and health, healthy eating and storing food, avoid stress in order not to overeat, and increase physical activity in everyday life.

If you are considering implementing a new program in your diet, make sure you are freed from all four of the above. All you need to remember that weight loss programs that do not involve physical activity is not good. Ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable and confident with this diet for life. If not, it’s not diet will provide maximum results for you.

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