6 Reasons You Should Avoid Fast Food

 Many of you like to do with fast food cuisine. In addition to a delicious taste, the food does not require a long time in its presentation, so it has always been a top choice for you who want to enjoy your meal.

Fast food is a term from the food processing requires a fast and can be consumed instantaneously. With the process was almost instantaneous, fast food tend to have an unbalanced nutrition. Most fast foods contain calories, high fat and salt that can harm your health.

6 Reasons You Should Avoid Fast Food

Here are six reasons you should avoid fast food :

Increase Risk of Heart Attack

High cholesterol content in fast food can lead to blockage of blood vessels. The blood vessels are clogged will make blood flow smoothly which may result in coronary heart attack.

Make your Addiction :

Fast food contain additives that can get you hooked and stimulate you to want to continue to eat as often as possible. This sometimes makes you eat them regularly every day. Avoid this habit by replacing your fast food meals with healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables fresh.

Improve Weight Loss :

If you are fond of eating fast food and rarely exercise, then in a few weeks your body will experience weight gain is not healthy. Of fat you can eat fast food is not used properly by the body if you do not exercise. Fat is then stored and accumulate in your body.

Increase Cancer Risk :

A high-fat content found in fast food can increase the risk of cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer.

Triggering Diabetes :

The content of calories and saturated fat is high in fast food will lead to insulin resistance that leads to diabetes. Insulin resistance occurs when the body’s cells do not respond to insulin resulting in lower absorption of glucose which causes a lot of glucose to accumulate in the bloodstream.

Triggering of High Blood Pressure :

Salt can make cooking much more enjoyable. Almost all fast food containing high salt. Salt contains sodium, when high levels of sodium in the blood and can not be removed by the kidneys, blood volume increases because sodium is to attract and retain water. This increase causes your heart to work harder to drain the blood throughout the body that causes high blood pressure.

So avoid fast food as early as possible. Expand to eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Beside rich in nutrients, these foods are good for improving your overall health.

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