8 Smart Ways to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

 Exercise during pregnancy is important. However, many pregnant women who claim too lazy to exercise. The reason tired and exhausted. In fact, exercise during pregnancy will affect both the mother and fetus. Needless to vigorous exercise, moving casually organs can also be called a sport. As quoted from All Women Stalk (28/7), there are eight types of exercise that are useful for pregnant women and fetuses. What is it?

8 Smart Ways to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

1. Yoga

Yoga is a very popular sport for pregnant women. By following a yoga class, you will be taught some of the positions that are prohibited for pregnant women.

2. Swim

Heavy Impressed? Not really. Because with swimming just to help the fetus to become active in motion. In fact, swimming is one sport that is highly recommended for pregnant women.

3. Sauntering

Provide at least 30 minutes per day for a relaxing walk around the complex. Besides keeping your body to stay active and healthy, running relaxed also provides fresh air is good for breathing.

4. Pelvic exercises

Are exercises that are not less important for pregnant women? With pelvic exercises, directly train the internal muscles that work the time of delivery.

5. Running

Maybe running is one that is considered an extreme sport for pregnant women. But, it runs can make the baby more active and intelligent. Only, before doing so, consult your doctor or midwife.

6. Dancing

Assume that dancing was important for pregnant women and fetuses? Wait a minute, because dancing can help the fetus to move more actively. For pregnant women, dancing to help muscle flexibility.

7. Pilates

In addition to yoga, pilates, also known as a good gymnastics for pregnant women. Although impressed gentle, pilates can actually help strengthen the muscles. Before doing so, consult your doctor first, if you fit with pilates or not.

8. T’ai Chi

T’ai Chi is an exercise recommended during pregnancy. Consists of a series of safe and convenient movement of T’ai Chi to make a lot of interest. In T’ai Chi is also taught breathing techniques are useful for pregnant women.

Sport is very important for pregnant women. In fact, if you do not want to do outside the home, you can try it by sitting on the sofa. Do the safe movement of the guide book, after consulting the doctor.

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