Avoid These 7 Mistakes In Makeup

 Makeup that is supposed to make women more beautiful, by highlighting the advantages and shortfalls. However, unfortunately, some mistakes that we do instead make the man so misunderstood hate makeup and slowly. In fact, not infrequently they know that applying makeup correctly can often get compliments from men.

Well, to make us more beautiful makeup, there are some mistakes that we MUST avoid. Let’s learn together …

Avoid These 7 Mistakes In Makeup

One choose foundation color

His name is also a foundation, was first worn as a makeup base, then we must be the good and right choice. And here indeed we are not allowed to make mistakes, because the outward appearance of other makeup will also be affected if we choose the wrong color foundation.

Surely we must adjust the foundation color with the color of our skin. Select one level darker color when buying foundation, so the results may not blend with the skin and make us appear like a mask.

Not wearing powder

Just because the foundation has been qualified does not mean we do not need to wear powder anymore. Once again the foundation is the base only, so you still need to improve the outward appearance of the base powder. For your dry or normal skin type, can choose pressed powder / compact powder. While your skin type is oily, combination or acne, choose a powder.

One slumbering makeup

When you’ve painted a perfect makeup base, then simply adjust the makeup like eyeshadow and blush on. The mistake that we often do is not doing the blending, so the colors appear too bold, as out of sync with the others.

In this case, you must choose an appropriate color, then closed it with a thin layer of powder so as to blend perfectly with the face and give a natural appearance.

The blending of light and dark

To produce perfect color, blending in makeup are common, and a practical trick to bring the natural look. No need to hesitate to try blending colors, especially the blush on, so the face is a more natural glow.

Ignoring the mascara and eyeliner

Who says pretty eyes do not need these devices? Precisely because it has beautiful eyes, you’ll want to perfect it with mascara and eyeliner to the beautiful views. Pulaski only a thin layer in order to appear natural, and avoid wearing false eyelashes in the daily appearance to give the impression of natural and not overdone.

Ignoring the black spots on the face

Whoops! Black spots on the face that inherited the acne sometimes not easy to be covered. And foundation course is often missed, less than perfect cover. For that, you need to correct it with concealer on spots where the stain is present.

The final step fell asleep and let your lipstick in action in front of the amazed eyes.

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