Choose Foods Under 100 Calories

 There is a trick suggested by experts that you can still eat your favorite foods, and do not need to fear that haunts overweight. As reported by Health organization

, experts suggest that we will consider the amount of calories we eat menu (especially snacks).

Choose Foods Under 100 Calories

It is good for us to keep to the calorie content of menu we eat, no more than 100 calories. “The concept is very helpful and not too burdensome, but remember you must remain disciplined to show maximum results,” said Chrissy Wellington, a nutritionist from the Canyon Ranch health resort in Lenox, Mass..

Read food labels :

You are always advised to first read the content of food labels are printed on the packaging. Some people are not too concerned about this, but, however, know the nutritional content of food consumed is very important.

Ideally, the snack that you can consume the calorie content is under 100 calories, contains 0.5 grams of unsaturated fat, 10-12 grams of sugar (the lower the better), and contains fiber and protein.

Popcorn, roasted peanuts, almonds are roasted snack options that you can count on when I want to snack.

A healthy snack menu :

Of course, selecting pieces of fresh fruits reduce the risk of obesity is much more than a snack in the box. Even though it contains sugar and fat, but the fruit is not going to threaten and make you too anxious. Anyway, you could also try hard-boiled eggs, boiled soybeans, or low-fat yogurt. While the food menu is a snack that should be avoided in the package with a lot of sensitive content, chip cookies, candies, cookies, and other varieties of chips.

Hey, of course, these chips are often teasing you, but remember you know, quite high calorie content.

Consumption of milk :

Most people immediately react to the refusal to hear the word milk, but even the fat, drink milk is very healthy to eat. If you are worried about fat content, yet you can choose low-fat milk which must still be learned the benefits.

A bowl of vegetables :

If you often wake up at night and feel hungry, avoid snack crackers or chips. Turn the bowl of vegetables. Hmm … it sounds like a heavy diet. However, further gives the benefits of a bowl of vegetables and feel full longer, and have the relatively low-calorie content.

What about high-calorie fruit

True, some fruits are high in calories, such as banana, mango, durian, and jackfruit. Well, to overcome this, serve portions of fruit is in small portions. Mix with fruit berries is a lower calorie content. At least you can still hit the 100 calories before, right?

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