The Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

 Most women choose the wrong size when buying a bra. In fact, wearing the right bra size is very important for women’s health.

The bra should not be too tight or too loose. If too loose, then the breast cannot be supported properly and may affect the size and shape of the breast itself. And if it is too tight, it will cause pain in the chest and back. 

Even worse, the wrong bra can also increase the risk of breast cancer. Especially when the bra is worn too tight, blood circulation is difficult to drain well, so that problems in the breast easily occur.

The Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Here are translated like what happens when the wrong bra size :

The Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong Bra Size 

Pain in the Breast :

If you often feel pain in the breast, this may be caused by the wrong bra size. This is true for the normal wear bra is too tight. Encouraged to buy a bra size bigger or associate level in the outer relation.

Back Pain :

Pain in the back is also often experienced by those who choose the wrong bra. This pain often comes especially at night or when the air is cold. For this reason, sleep without wearing a bra makes your back feel more comfortable and can breathe a sigh of relief.

Changing the Size Of The Breast :

Breasts may change in size and loss of firmness due to not properly supported. Breasts so go down and look heavier. In order to form the breast is always fast and beautiful, be sure to choose a bra with size and can fit comfortably support.

Pain in the Shoulder And Neck :

Pain or fatigue in the shoulders and neck are also often caused by incorrect selection of bras. Especially when the maxi-sized breasts, which should be well supported.

Negative Effect On Lymph Nodes :

Also recommended to choose the right bra cup, so when buying a bra to try first. Bra cups that are too small to affect the lymph nodes and creates inflammation in the breast.

Bad Posture : 

Posture is also strongly influenced by the selection of the right bra. If back pain, neck and left shoulder constantly, could be involved posture changed.

Breast Cancer :

Was mentioned above that the wrong bra can lead to breast cancer when wearing a bra that is too tight, then the circulation of substandard, this habit can affect the breast and cause a blockage. Of blockage was also the increased potential for the development of cancer cells.

Skin Irritation :

Breast or back area, shoulders, and chest strap redness and scars? It is caused by a bra that is too tight. Leather rubbed and allows experienced irritation or inflammation.

Choosing a bra size, make sure the fit between chest circumference and cup. If both of your hands as you lift it out of the bra cup area, a sign that you should choose a smaller bra size.

First bra try before purchase so that you are not in vain or the wrong size.

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