Tips for Applying Long Lasting Lipstick

 Repeatedly looked at the glass to make sure your lipstick still survive, of course a little inconvenient. This way, you do not have to worry anymore. One hour passes you are already nervous looking glass. Lipstick is wiped truly make less confident. Of course you do not want to when conversing with someone, you are missing some lip color so it does not seem neat. But many times in the mirror and applying lipstick will also interfere with your activities. So, all you need is a trick that is more durable stick lipstick color on the lips, although a few hours later and you have a lot of activity.

Tips for Applying Long Lasting Lipstick

Keep your lip condition :

Dry lips and visible hard make lipstick applied, and the color will be uneven due to clumping in some parts. Keep your lips condition by drinking plenty of water, use a lip balm, especially in dry times. Perform lip scrub using sugar when wet.

Choose the right formula :

Choice lipstick not only affects the appearance but also the condition of your lips. Matte lipsticks are usually more durable on the lip moisturizer but contain fewer. If your lips tend to dry, choose a matte lipstick with the label ‘moisturizing’. Lipstick with a more moisturizing cream formula but not long-lasting on the lips. Give the basic foundation, lipstick, powder, or primer before using this type of lipstick.

Give the lip line :

Whether or not the basic foundation, lipstick will last longer if you frame the lips first with a special pencil lipstick. Choose a neutral color that most closely to the original color of your lips. Do not choose too dark. Not just on the edge of the lips, the lips with a pencil to color as well as your base color lipstick.

Apply with a brush :

Incised lipstick with a brush it takes more time, but with a brush, you can apply the lipstick with a thickness that is more intense and flat.

Add lip gloss :

Lip gloss can provide protection for the color of lipstick in order to survive much longer. In order not to seem redundant, use a lip gloss that is not too shiny, apply at the center of the lips alone. Not too much, because it will not look neat.

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