Tips to Correct Eye Shape with Eye Shadow

 Beautify the face with makeup is not just home asleep and match colors with skin and clothing only. To look beautiful we must know how to correct the deficiencies right in our face.

Well, here are tips to correct the shape of the eyes eye shadow face outward.

Tips to Correct Eye Shape with Eye Shadow

Small or narrow shape of the eye :

Needed to form the eyes like this is to give the impression of large and wide eyes. To that end, scan was bright colored eye shadow on the eyelid and pulls the line with elongated eyeliner to accent the wide eyes.

You can choose to wear false eyelashes medium size, or thickening mascara that works, so as to frame the eye more leverage. Choose dark colored eyeliner, then use the bright inner lining at the bottom of the eye.

Shape of the eye is too wide :

And to balance the eyes are too wide; always use mascara and eyeliner, dark as the inner lining. Lining the eyes with a small frame, avoid brightly colored outer and the minimal shading on the outside of the eye.

Shape of the eye without the eye crease  :

Sometimes there is a great form of the eye, but do not have the eye crease. To correct the shape of the eye like this, use the help of shading. Draw lines on the outside of the eyelid with a dark eyeshadow, and eye shadow that would stack Deng ah dipulaskan according to fashion and who wants to attend the event.

Makeup artist Taylor Chang, author STYLE EYES says that “if you do not have the crease of the eye, then it should be a line on the eyelid which serves as a confirmation.”

Wistful eye shape :

Has a wistful eye no less favorable side, because it rarely looks fresh and it felt as tired.

Correct the shape of the eye like this, you can daub base eye shadow on entire eyelid, to base it should be somewhat thick with bright colors, then Pulaski little dark eye shadow to the inner. Asleep again with bright eye shadow colors on the upper eyelid.

The trick is, always pull the brush into the eye the impression that there is more to rise.

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