Is your american eskimo depressed? Is your absence sparking a little separation anxiety in your canine? A lonely american eskimo can make for a depressed, anxiety-ridden pet. When humans are sad, they can vocalize their feelings, exhibit signs of detachment or even take an anti-depressant to cope. But, when american eskimos are left alone, their separation anxiety can go undetected and ultimately lead to behavioral problems. We compiled a suggestion list of ways to ease your absence away from your american eskimo:

Many toy fox terriers used to be used commonly in circus shows by clowns. They are said to make great companions for owners with a good sense of humor. They seem to anticipate their master's every thought and mood.

Tactics for Breaking a American Eskimo of Separation Anxiety

Promote Self-Reliance In order to promote self-reliance in your american eskimo, deter clingy behavior. Instead of allowing Fido to frolic next to you, give him a toy and leave him alone in another room for 20-40 minutes.

The greyhound is the fastest breed of dog. It is capable of running at speeds of around 45 miles per hour. Greyhounds are excellent for hunting and racing, but they are notorious for laziness, often preferring to cuddle on a couch, rather than run. This makes them an ideal house pet.

Make Departure Rewarding Prior to heading out for work, synchronize your departure on an upbeat note. Instead of playing with your american eskimo and making your departure more emotional, feed your american eskimo a small meal and hide treats and toys around the house for him or her to discover. If your american eskimo is restricted to a one room, plant these items around the confined space. It will alleviate the added stress of your departure while serving as temporary diversion in your absence.

The afghan hound ranks as least intelligent breed of dog. They are cute, friendly, loyal and fun, but they usually require 80 to 100 repetitions to learn a single command. Afghan hounds are a bad choice if you are looking for a dog that's easy to train, but they are great if you have patience.

Downplay Homecomings Rather than feed into the enthusiastic greeting of your american eskimo, keep greetings casual. But, remember to smother your american eskimo with affection after he has settled down.

While adult dalmations are covered in cute black spots, dalmation puppies are actually born solid white. Their spots don't show up until they are at least a week old. Sometimes not until they are a month old.

In conclusion, breaking a american eskimo of separation anxiety does not mean not giving your pet the love and attention he or she requires. Quelling a american eskimo's separation anxiety is a form of conditioning that can help your american eskimo become socially adjusted and capable of coping in your absence without triggering any behavioral problems.

Lhasa Apsos are small, long-haired dogs. Believe it or not, they were originally used by monks to guard temples. This accounts for their quiet and friendly nature, which can easily change if their owners or home are threatened.

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