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Why should you get a rescue dog?

A wonderful and loving Eskie is waiting for you.

By owning a Heart Bandits dog, you can help save the life of an Eskie in need. Animals purchased from pet stores, puppy mills and backyard breeders raise puppies for profit.

Rescue groups are not opposed to all breeding. There are more than a few good, conscientious breeders who understand the need to keep the breed alive without helping the millions of dogs that are killed in shelters each year.

How can I become an adoptive parent of a Heart Bandits Eskie?

All adoptive families must complete an adoption application prior to adopting a Heart Bandit American Eskimo dog. Each application will be reviewed. Based on this information, we will attempt to match you with a suitable Eskie in your area. At the time of adoption, you will be asked to pay an adoption fee and sign the Heart Bandits Adoption Agreement. The adoption fee varies depending on the local organization that will be fostering Eskie ($175-$300). Fees are based on the average cost of veterinary clinics in the area.

All dogs adopted by Heart Bandits

Must be in good health.

Adopted as a "special needs" Eskie, unless adopted with a full understanding of their medical needs.

Must be spayed or neutered

Unless they are less than 6 months old (if they are older than 6 months, they must be contractually neutered)

Unless there is a significant health risk (breeding is not allowed under contract)

DHLPP (may include Voltadella)

They must also be dewormer free and receive a prophylactic vaccination in high risk areas.

Our adoption process may seem a bit strict, but keep in mind that many of these dogs have already been removed from homes and not necessarily loving homes. Some have had the horrible experience of living in shelters. We work very hard to make our adoptions successful and to make the best decisions for our dogs. Our adoption process ensures that you are ready to make the commitment and responsibility of adding a dog to your family. Our top priority is to ensure that the right Eskie is delivered to the right home. An adoption is not finalized until you, the appropriate chapter director and Eskie are all satisfied.

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